Technical Weaving

Technical Weaving

Antich & Sons's apparel weaving expertise of more than 30 years has translated well into weaving technical fibres used in 2D and 3D net-shaped preforms

Advanced 3D Woven Preforms

With more than 10 years’ expertise in composite research & development, Antich & Sons has differentiated itself as a valuable manufacturing resource of complex net-shaped profiles that can be used in a range of industries, with a focus on the improvement of structural properties, as well as overall weight reduction. The vast experience of weaving a wide range of fibres from ceramic and glass to carbon or aramid, as well as the high production capabilities, positions Antich & Sons as a specialist in a variety of woven cutting-edge composite products manufactured on the UK market.

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High-Design 2D Fabrics

Antich & Sons offers hybrid and decorative carbon fabrics for visual and performance-based applications. The extensive apparel design experience led to the development of high-design carbon fabrics, simple or combined with a wide choice of technical fibers, in weft as well as in warp. These can be used as an attractive, yet functional layer onto a moulded component since they are suitable for liquid moulding and prepregs.